Choosing lollies for the front desk jar

20 July 2017
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Having a jar of lollies on the front desk is a great idea. Not only does it 'sweeten' the wait to speak to a consultant, but it can also provide a later reminder of your business' name when someone pulls a lolly out of their pocket. Here are some characteristics on great lollies for your front desk lolly jar. 

Shelf stable

As you are leaving the lollies out all day, it is important to have lollies that maintain the same characteristics (taste, colour, texture and odour) in any humidity or temperature conditions. This means that options such as chocolate coated lollies or anything with a fruit jelly filling can be a problem. Most people also like opt for wrapped lollies as these tend to help the lollies stop absorbing humidity and can prevent them sticking together in one big lolly clump.

A neutral flavour

While it can be tempting to go with your favourite flavour as an office manager or business owner, it's a better idea to choose a neutral flavour that the majority of people might like. You can ask confectionery suppliers to send over some samples so that you and others in the office can test them before placing them out for others. (This could also be a good time to try other sweets as well.) You can choose the best one that suits the majority of people. Be sure to indicate on the jar and/or packaging the ingredients in each sweet so that consumers can avoid anything that might cause them an allergic reaction. 

Market yourself effectively

Sweets on the front desk should be something that enhances your brand, so it is a good idea to ensure that they fit with your overall brand plan. This can include incorporating the logo of your business into the packaging, ensuring that the lollies are the same colour as your logo, 'printing' the company logo on the lolly, having a lolly shaped like your logo or something related to your business or giving out bags of rock candy with the logo in the centre. 

The options for good lollies for your front desk are endless. The best options for your business will depend on the type of business that you do, your customers and your budget. If you want to explore your options in more detail, then you should contact a confectionery supplier who can help you to decide on a lolly that will help promote your business.