Two suggestions for employers who are prepping for next Christmas

19 March 2020
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If you're an employer and you're about to start prepping for the festivities that will take place on your premises next Christmas, you might be interested in reading the suggestions made here.

Get customised Christmas crackers made for your staff

If you want your staff to remain loyal and to work hard, you must not only treat them well in general, but must also let them know, in a more direct manner, that you respect and appreciate them. Christmas is the perfect time to do this. As such, in addition to giving them their Christmas bonuses and some time off, you might also want to take an extra step and have some customised Christmas crackers made for them.

You could, for example, find out what each staff member's favourite combination of flavours is (like chocolate and orange, or cranberry and apple), reach out to a food supplier who can fill some Christmas crackers with foods that feature these flavours and then print each person's name on the cracker that contains their preferred combination. If you want the crackers' contents to be a surprise, you may have to be a little bit stealthy in your efforts to find out which flavour combination each of your employees prefers. For instance, you may have to initiate a casual conversation in the canteen, when everyone is present, about this subject, without mentioning anything about having these items made, and then make a mental note of the answers that your staff members give.

Giving them these personalised gifts will show them that you care enough about them to actually listen when they talk about themselves and that you appreciate them so much that you are willing to go the extra mile when it comes to buying their Christmas gifts.

Order some food-filled Christmas decor for the premises

If you'll be decorating the premises for Christmas, you might want to consider requesting a selection of Christmas sweets from the aforementioned food supplier and incorporating these into the decorations you put up on display over the festive period. You could, for example, use some wire to attach candy canes to your Christmas wreath or buy some fillable baubles and pack them with red and green, foil-wrapped chocolates. Additionally, you might want to get a Christmas-themed piñata, fill it with some Christmas sweets and use it as a form of decor until the day of your workplace's Christmas party, at which point your employees can enjoy breaking it open and devouring the contents.

These food-themed decorations will add a fun twist to the premises' festive decor and will allow your employees to nibble on some sweet treats whenever they want during this celebratory period. For more information, contact local professionals like those found at Party Temptation.