When Should You Buy Prepackaged or Prepared Foods for Your Restaurant?

8 September 2015
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When you run a restaurant or diner of any sort, you know that you constantly need to balance the time and cost it takes to prepare certain dishes with the satisfaction of your customers. While it can be cheap and easy to microwave soup from a can, chances are very few if any restaurant customers will want to pay you for it!  While making certain dishes and preparing certain foods from scratch can mean tastier menu items that make your customers happy, it's also good to consider if there are prepared foods that you can use and which won't affect the quality of your menu items. Read More 

Advantages Of Hiring A Professional Catering Service

4 September 2015
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Although many people enjoy hosting an engagement, be it a birthday party or a wedding celebration, many suffer from feelings of stress as their event gets closer. It can be worrying to think about other people's opinions of the event you have organized. One area that causes particular stress is the food. One sure fire way to avoid this worry is to hire a professional caterer for the event. This article looks at some of the advantages that you can gain by hiring such a company. Read More