Ways to Use Ginger This Christmas

1 August 2017
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Want to add a warm, spicy kick to your Christmas recipes? Maybe you typically use cinnamon or nutmeg, and fancy something a bit different? Or perhaps you've purchased more ginger than you know what to do with. Whatever it is, the ideas below will help you to create the ultimate warming, festive treats. 1. Mulled Wine There are so many different ways to make mulled wine, but ginger goes well with almost any combination. Read More 

Choosing lollies for the front desk jar

20 July 2017
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Having a jar of lollies on the front desk is a great idea. Not only does it 'sweeten' the wait to speak to a consultant, but it can also provide a later reminder of your business' name when someone pulls a lolly out of their pocket. Here are some characteristics on great lollies for your front desk lolly jar.  Shelf stable As you are leaving the lollies out all day, it is important to have lollies that maintain the same characteristics (taste, colour, texture and odour) in any humidity or temperature conditions. Read More